Friday, 27 June 2014

The Glaring Fabulosity That Comes With Accesorizing With Sling Bags/Clutch Purses


Sling bags are classy, unique, timeless, beautiful and portable. They are also multi-purpose bags. Multi-purpose in the sense that, they can be worn for any and every occasion, be it formal, semi-formal, causal, dinner date, graduation, wedding, you name it. There is just this glaring fabulosity that comes with accesorizing your outfit with sling bags.  

Sling bags come in different shapes and sizes depending on one's preference.  Sling bags can easily be turned into a clutch purse. This (sling bag turned into clutch purse) can also be worn for different occasions (as earlier mentioned). 

Below are pictures of ladies/women looking classy and chic on sling bags: 

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