Saturday, 28 June 2014

Ordinary Human, Extraordinary God


As human, you cannot do for yourself what God is supposed to do for you and expect an outstanding/extraordinary result. That is, you cannot take the place of God and do that which only Him can do and expect an outstanding/extraordinary result. Every extraordinary result always has God's finger prints written all over it.  

You are human while God is not. God is God. Humans do ordinary things while God does extraordinary things. If you want an extraordinary result, then you  need to step aside and allow an extraordinary God to take over. It's that simple. That is why it is called divine increase, divine connection, divine assignment, divine direction, divine favour, divine grace, amongst others. ''Divine'' is included at the back of ... (fill in the gap) because you never saw it coming. Because, on your own, it never would have being possible. Above all, because God made it happen. Because, God made it possible. Because, God was involved in it.

Therefore, it is time you step aside, take the back seat and allow God takeover the wheels. Don't worry, He will definitely drive you to the best of the best destination. An extraordinary God is driving an ordinary human to an extraordinary destination, what do you think will happen when you get to the extraordinary destination? Of course, extraordinary things happen. Extraordinary things takes place. So trust God and allow Him take over. Remember, He isn't God the Faithful God for nothing. Remember, He isn't God the Almighty God for nothing. Here is a post, published earlier on ''The Mighty God'' you can find it here >>>  God got you. Don't worry.

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