Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mind Blowing Half-Albino Animals


A post was published earlier on shocking albino animals, you can find that here >>>   Little did we know that there are animals that are half albinos. I am speechless. Wow!!! How great, how awesome, how creative is God Almighty? He is indeed beyond great, beyond awesome and beyond creative, right?

Below are pictures of mind blowing albino animals as you appreciate the beauty in God’s creations. Enjoy!

                                                                      Half Albino Tiger 

                                                                         Half Albino Peacock

                                                                        Half Albino Snake

                                                                          Half Albino Zebra

                                                                        Half Albino Bird

                                                              Another Half Albino Peacock

                                                                  Another Half Albino Snake

                                                                     Half Albino Deer

This is outside the topic, but did you know that a half coloured apple do exist? That is, an apple that is of two different colours? See pictures below:

The creator of the whole universe deserves a standing ovation and a big applause because his creations are mind blowing. Thank You Jesus for your beautiful creations. 

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Be Inspired to Love and Appreciate the Beauty in God's Creations.

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