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Friday Inspirations: Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury


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Firstborn Series
                                                                           Fame #1

Forgiven #2

Found #3
                                                                          Family #4

                                                                           Forever #5

I so much love the Firstborn series by Karen Kingsbury. There are 5 series but I started reading from the third series Found though I would have loved to start from the first series Fame. I just couldn't get hold of the first two at the time. Karen Kingsbury books are really good and these ones weren't any different.

I hope I do justice to these books because they are so good. The series is about a celebrity ''the heartthrob of America'',  Dayne who fell in love with a regular girl, Katy. They lived in different cities (Dayne lived in a big city while the Katy lived in a smaller city) and they of course lived different lives. Along the way of Dayne's life journey, he gave his life to Christ and began to see life and things from a different angle/perspective.
Dayne and Katy had so much to work on because of their different lives (paparazzi, crazy fans and the tabloids amongst others) but their love for each other and their faith in God saw them through it all.
Dayne is adopted (his adopted parents died when he was young) but he later found out who his birth parents were through the help of a private investigator after an incident took place. He later got in contact with his birth parents, first his mother on her dying bed then his father who later told his siblings about him. Though it was hard for his siblings to digest at first that they had an elder brother or that he was the famous ''Dayne'' they later came around, accepted him for who he was and loved him dearly...

These books really are a must read. Though there will be a few tear drops from your eyes, a few OMG!!! (Oh My God!!!) moments. Lol. A few, that didn't just happen moments. A few Thank You Jesus!!! moments. But it will be so worth it.
These books connects you to God in a way you really can never explain. Your level of faith and trust in God sky-rockets beyond your explanation. Great books I must tell you. As they are praying, you surprisingly find yourself praying along with them. There are great life and moral lessons to learn from these books but to sum them all up- never stop believing in miracles and that God sends angels in form of humans to help us through our life's journey.

I hope you read these books and be inspired. I will be so glad to get feedbacks from you. Please be kind enough to share this post with others and please also feel free to comment below.

Be Inspired.

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