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Exercises That Help Reduce The Hips

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Exercises that help reduce the hips... Okay, I won't say ''reduce'' rather, I will use the word trim or tone down. Many might be saying right now ''what in the world is she saying? Seriously? When I am dying/trying to have big hips''. Well, I did say, be careful for what you wish for. But also, I believe that when you continue reading, you will understand where I am coming from or the message I am trying to pass across.

Hips are great. Infact, hips helps bring about a girl's shape more. Having the ''figure 8'' shape is really mainly all thanks to your hips and of course to God. However, there are ladies or women with wider hips. Some were born with them, while others had them after birthing a child/children. Ladies/women with hips or wider hips then to have larger thighs and legs compared to ladies/women to other ladies and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. However, they could want/decide/choose/wish to tone down their thighs and legs fat and squats really is a great exercise that helps you do this. Also from the pictures you will see later on, you will see that squatting is also a great way of toning down your hips. A post was earlier posted on ''why you need to squat more'' you can find that here >>> 

Some ladies, tend to feel insecured about their wider hips or bigger thighs and/or legs. And most times they tend to get bigger sizes of clothings for their waist down like pants, skirts or even dresses. Before I continue, I would love to say this- There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your body.  You are beyond beautiful and too priceless to be insecured. You need to start seeing yourself that way. God created you with something many are dying to have. So stop feeling depressed and work it girl! Stop feeling insecured and own it girl! Stop feeling depressed and start appreciating and loving your body! You may say ''but I would like to tone it down a bit''. Well, there is no problem with that dear, that is why this post is here for you.

I hope you are inspired with the below pictures of exercises that can help reduce your hips and I hope it inspires you to love your body more and also to be confidence in your body and yourself. So Enjoy!

Never forget, you are not only beautiful, you are also a priceless treasure. Now go get that body you've always wanted!

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Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy.

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