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Every Girl’s Dream And The Best Thing To Ever Happen To A Man


Every girl’s dream is to walk down the aisle to be joined together with a man who loves, respects, adores, cherishes, cares, trusts, supports, caters for her and above all, who loves God and her family (cos family is everything). While the best thing to ever happen to a man is to be joined together with the most beautiful (every man has his own definition of beautiful) woman, to a priceless woman, a woman who loves, respects, adores , trusts, cherishes, supports him and above all a woman who loves God and his family.

I have a feeling that as some men are reading this, they might be saying ‘’oh! This is a big lie’’. But deep down, they know this is the honest truth. Remember, The Bible says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. You might have being obtaining favour from the Lord before you got married but after you get married, an extra anointing of favour is bestowed upon you by God.

When God created the world, He saw that all what He created was good and then He blessed the works of His hands. Note, the Bible says ‘’He who finds a wife finds a good thing’’ and God looked at all what He created and saw that they were good. Also take note that the creations of God are priceless. So for a man to find his wife (a good thing), he has automatically found a priceless treasure.

Unfortunately, many misuse this great and priceless opportunity. Many play around with the hopes and feelings of others in the name of ‘’I want to marry you’’. Many know that they will not be getting married to this guy/woman, but they however choose to play with their feelings and grind their hearts to powder. Some might say, ‘’well, I do not love him/her. I will just marry him/her and get a divorce in no time’’. This is really very unfortunate.

The hearts of people are so delicate and fragile. Marriage is a very sacred institution. There are 3 parties involved in a marriage and they are 1) The man 2) The woman and 3) God (the One who instituted marriage in the first place). When you know that this relationship/marriage will not work, why go ahead with it? Or why play around with the hearts/feelings/emotions of others? Why play games with the hearts of people because they love you? Why not take a step back and give your heart to God and allow Him place it in the hands of the right person and while God is working on the right person for you, work on yourself.

The greatest gift you can ever give yourself is to fall in love with yourself. Develop and build yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, morally, financially, socially and mentally so that when you can be ready when the man/woman comes. Remember, no one can fill the vacuum in your life aside from God and the person in the mirror which is you. No matter how much your significant other loves you, they can never fill that vacuum of self-worth, confidence amongst others that needs to be filled. So take a step back and fall in love with yourself.        

Love grows. Feelings grow. Are you scared of spending forever with one person? Do not worry, that is why the pillar of every marriage is God. He will surely be there with you through it all. Do not be scared to commit. Also, as a man, if you know deep down that she isn’t the one or you cannot spend forever with her, why not give her the opportunity of being with the one who will make her ‘’every girl’s dream’’ come true? And as a lady, when you know that he isn’t the one or you cannot marry him, why not let him go and allow him find the one who will be ‘’the best thing to ever happen to him’’.

Remember, everyone deserves to be happy.     

Every girl’s dream and the best thing to ever happen to a man is finding the right person, walk down the aisle with that person and spending forever with that person. To those who have found ‘’the one’’ Congratulations!!! To those who are yet to find ‘’the one’’ Congratulations in advance!!! 

Everyone deserves to be happy. 

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