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Cheat Day (Diet)

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                       P.S- Breads like wheat breads/other healthy breads do not fall under this category

                                                                      Fried Plantain

                                                                       Fried Chicken

P.S- The list goes on. The pictures above are just to demonstrate what one/people choose/decide to eat during their cheat day.

To those who do not know what ''Cheat Day'' means, let me explain it for you. ''Cheat Day'' literally means picking a day of the week you choose to go outside of your dieting/eating clean/healthy or a day you decide not to eat clean/healthy. For example, From Sunday to Friday, you are all about eating clean, then on Saturday you choose/decide to go outside of your clean eating to eat junk foods or foods high in calories.

This is actually advisable/recommended especially when you just started dieting/eating clean or when you are taking your dieting/healthy living one step at a time. Why this is advisable is because, if you rush the process, like everyday you keep eating healthy, a day will come when your body will hunger/long for what it was already used to that is, sugary or fatty foods. When this happens, you will then tend to over indulge and lose control of your eating. This most times disrupts your dieting/healthy living process making you start from the scratch/beginning and if care is not taken, you might tend to go back to your unhealthy living/eating.

Therefore it is highly recommended, that during your cheat days, you indulge in whatever it is you are eating/feel like eating moderately. Most times, after eating, you might tend to feel bad cos you've cheated on your diet/healthy eating. This is okay, as long as you do not do this everyday and you do not over indulge in whatever it is you are eating, you will be just fine.

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