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Misconceptions About Weight Loss/ Being Fit

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Everyone wants to look and feel good. Everyone wants to look and feel healthy. Most people want to shed some weight or reduce some atom of fat in their bodies. Most people want to be fit (the slim and even those trying to shed weight). But unfortunately, most people go about this the wrong way. Many eat as much as they want to it, whenever they feel like eating without really disciplining their eating habits with the mind-set that they will burn the fats off doing lots of cardio and some weight training, unknown to them that they are wrong.

The key to being fit (having that great body you so desire) or losing weight or looking and feeling healthy lies in eating healthy. Like the popular saying ‘’Heaven helps those who help themselves’’. Cardio and weight trainings helps people who eat healthy become/stay fit. You want to really lose weight/be fit? Then eat healthy.

Unhealthy eating and doing lots of exercises frustrates one and this makes people to easily give up on losing weight or trying to be fit or live a healthy life in general. Because they are feeding the body with the fats they intend to burn with the mind-set that they will burn them (fats) off with lots of cardio and some weight training. The truth is that you cannot burn fats at the gym when you regularly keep feeding yourself with fatty foods/drinks. What you are just doing, is that you are punishing yourself and also doing the fats in your body a favour.

Healthy eating and exercises go hand in hand, if not one will be pulling the other down and this will lead to you punishing your mind and body. How is this possible? You are feeding the body with substances that allows it do the opposite of what you want thereby you stressing yourself to lose weight/ be fit. You are also going to be punishing/stressing the mind cos you tend to keep pushing the mind to believe that you will soon lose some weight, you will soon become fit. But when you are not getting your desired results, the mind gradually starts to give up, which will lead to insecurities and doubts.

For one to look and feel healthy, it is important for them to exercise however, it is more important to eat healthy cos healthy eating is the foundation of it all. It really all begins with making healthy decisions and in the end your mind and body will thank you. You will later look back and say to yourself ‘’it was all worth it’’.

Be inspired to look and feel healthy.

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