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Men’s Fashion Faux Pas (Men’s Fashion Don’ts)

Every man wants to be respected, celebrated, honoured and admired when he steps outside of his home. Many a times ones dressing have a lot to with this. No one wants to be laughed at/looked at strangely when walking on the street or whenever he steps out of his car or is in the mall. It is always great to be complimented by people you don’t even know. Remember the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Dress like a king and you will be addressed like a king. However, there are some ways certain men dress that it is a big ‘’NO’’ in the fashion world and in dressing as a whole.

P.S- This is what Dress, Look And Feel Like A King means   

Below are some of the list of men’s fashion faux pas:
     1)     Stripped shirts on stripped trousers
     2)     Pattern shirts on pattern trousers
     3)     Pattern shirts on stripped trousers
     4)     Stripped shirt on pattern trousers
     5)     Stripped suit on stripped shirt and stripped tie

     6)     Super skinny jeans
     7)     Deep plunging neck (V-neck) tops/t-shirts
     8)     Wearing too many clothes at once
     9)     Ill fitted clothes i.e. clothes that are extraordinarily tight/fitted
   10)     Sneakers on suits
   11)    Sneakers on traditional attire
   12)    Slippers on suits
   13)    Sandals on suits
   14)    Slippers on corporate wears
   15)    Undersized t-shirts/shirts
   16)    Wearing socks on sandals
   17) Wearing too much cologne or not wearing at all. 

Men’s Fashion Do’s to the above:
    1)     Plain shirts on stripped trousers
    2)     Stripped shirts on plain trousers
    3)     Pattern shirts on plain trousers
    4)     Plain shirts on pattern trousers
    5)     Stripped suit on plain shirt and stripped/plain tie
    6)     Plain suit on stripped shirt and plain tie
    7)     A moderate skinny jeans/ jeans in general
    8      A moderate V-neck t-shirt
    9     Simple is the new sophistication. Be simple with your attire
  10)    Moderately fitted clothes
  11)  Shoes on suits
  12)    Slippers/sandals/shoes on traditional attire
  13)    Shoes on corporate wears
  14)    Socks should not be worn with sandals. Only school children do such.
  15) Wear cologne moderately. A man's outfit is not complete without his cologne.  

 I hope you are inspired to know some of the Fashion Faux Pas and some of the Fashion Do’s. If you feel there are  things that should be added to the lists above or should not be included in the lists above, please be kind enough to comment below. Please be kind enough to share this post with others and please also feel free to comment below

Be inspired to dress, look and feel like a king.

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  1. Great post, to add a little: when knottin your tie it is most appropriate for the tip of the tie to be just (or almost) touching the top of the belt when done. Ties should not be short and far away from the belt on one's waist.
    Laced shoes should not be worn with native attires.
    Wear you appropriate size of suit.
    Those are the ones that came to mind now. Maybe I'll add as more come to mind.


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