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Ladies, An Easy Guide To Having The Perfect Cat Eye

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Eye make-ups are extremely important in wearing a flawless make-up. Ever noticed that after applying make-up on your face but you are yet to wear any eye make-up, your face tend to look pretty bare? This is to show you how important eyes make-ups are. To have a flawless/glowing make-up, it is of utmost important to pay close attention to your eye make-up. One’s eye make-up helps determine what kind of make-up to wear on other parts of the face like lips, cheeks etc. (this will be a post on its own).

Cat eye make-up is classy, chic, beautiful, and elegant, need I say more? Cat eye make-up gives one’s face that flawless glow. With a cat eye make-up, you can decide to wear a neutral lipstick or a dark lipstick and still look elegant, beautiful, and chic amongst others. Cat eye make-up are mostly worn on special occasions like dinner dates, weddings, graduations, New Years, Christmas or when you are feeling good about yourself and decide to look extremely beautiful that day (there are days like this right? Lol)

There are different guides to having the perfect cat eye but the following steps are the basic:

Picture A as shown above
Step 1- Apply a neutral or your skin tone eye shadow
Step 2- Line your lower eye and extend the line a little bit out of eye towards your brow
Step 3- Line your upper eye

Step 4- Draw a triangle like line, starting from the line you extended out of your eye area to meet with your upper eye line
Step 5- Shade. There will be a space formed in between the triangle you drew, just shade and voila! You have the perfect cat eye

P.S- The glittery thing applied after applying the black eye liner is a glittery eye liner. You could do that also if you want to beautify your cat eye the more. Then apply mascara or wear artificial lashes and you are good to go.

Or, you could follow the steps as shown in picture B above.
Any of the steps above are easy to do and they will instantly give you that perfect cat eye you so desire. 
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