Friday, 2 May 2014

Keep On Keepin On


One thing about God is that it doesn't take Him years to exalt a person. Within the twinkle of an eye, what it took some years to accomplish takes God a second to accomplish. Why and how? Simple, cos God is God.

Luptia was criticised by many... Some said she just appeared in d movie 12 years of slave for 10mins & the world now knows and says her name. It took a few actors/actresses to appear in many hit movies before they could win an Oscar however, it took her one hit movie to win an Oscar. When God says it is your time, it is your time. Now she dines with people should only could fantasize about, the likes of Oprah amongst others. Great musicians now sing about her. Of course she has being appearing in many TV shows and movies but God gave her the break of her life when she appeared on 12 years of a slave. What an Awesome God we serve!

Bellamy Young (The First Lady in Scandal) in one of her interviews, she said she has appeared in many TV shows but Scandal announced her to the world. Kerry Washington also had acted several movies but Scandal announced her and in less than no time she won the best dressed woman in d world. She has appeared on most of the magazines covers in the States.  Everyone now knows and says her name.

What it took hard work 10years to accomplish takes God 10 seconds to accomplish.  Be diligent in what you do, never ever give up or lose hope cos you never know when heaven will decide to give you that "Big Break". In His time, He will truly make all things beautiful. But how many are willing to be patient with God? How many are willing to trust God? God might not be early but He is never late. He always will prove that He alone is God. The patient dog they say eats the fattest bone, but with God, the patient dog eats the best bone cos the fattest bone may not be the best bone, so please do keep on keepin on.

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