Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Just Start!


The truth about life is that everyone has an idea. Everyone has a plan. Unfortunately, not everyone puts those plans or ideas into action. You might be saying to yourself when you see another person doing what you had in mind to do, ‘’but this is exactly what I had in mind of doing’’. The difference between you and the person is that, you had the idea but did nothing about it while the other person had the same idea and put that idea into action. Everyone’s idea might seem the same but what makes it all unique to each individual is the ability to implement it in your own way. Notice the word ‘’implement’’? That’s what makes the difference.

You might have the idea of learning how to be proficient with the use of Microsoft Office tools or the computer in general, just start. Start typing, start playing around with the computer, gradually you will be learning one or two things from it without you even realising it. Just start!

You might have the idea of reading for an exam in order to pass that exam, just start! No one passes any exam by just imagining.

You might be gifted in motivating people, just start! You could make use of a podcast like the talented motivational speaker- Steve Harris (@IAmSteveHarris). You could set up a vlog and motivate people like the beautiful Toke Makiwa (@tokstarr). Just start, you never know where it could lead you to.

You could love swimming and want to take your love for swimming to another level by setting up a swim school like the talented Amfani (@Sameswagger). Just start!

You could love make-ups and will love to take your love for make-up to the next level by teaching people how to wear make-up. Just start! You could start by vlogging. Video yourself making up and then guide people step by step on how to do it, just like the beautiful Camila Cohelo (MakeUpByCamila2) and the beautiful Tosin Alabi (africanismcosmopolitan.com).

You could have the idea of writing a book but don’t know how to go about it, just start typing. By the time you are done typing, there will surely be a lead on what to do next. Your book could be on soft copy i.e. Ebook like the gifted  Emeka Nwarulor’s (@emeka_nwarulor) book or it could be on hard copy like the beautiful Funto Oni’s (@funtoonie) book, whichever one you so desire, just start. Or maybe you love writing and want to write to inspire or motivate or educate people just like the gifted Graciemama.com (@Esan_chic). Just start! You can do so by maybe setting up a blog or tweeting/face booking about it. Just start! More ideas on how to improve or take it to the next level will surely come.

Maybe you love drawing/painting but do not know how to take it to the next level, why don’t you just start drawing/painting first? You could set up a website or a blog to display your drawings/paintings or video yourself drawing/painting and showing people step by step on how you drew/painted your drawings/paintings or you could draw/paint and show it to the world like the talented Olamide (@olamideDIY). By that you are taking your drawings/paintings to the next level without you knowing it.

Maybe you love fashion and want to take your love for fashion to the next level maybe by setting up a fashion school or to inspire others on how to dress well like the beautiful Tosin Alabi (africanismcosmopolitan.com). Just Start! You could set up a vlog and it will be all about fashion or  you dressing up etc. Just start!

You could love music, singing or performing and do not know how to go about taking it to the next level. Just start singing. Just start performing. You could video yourself performing or singing (this was how the talented Justin Bieber started). You never know who will see your video. You could just record (audio) yourself singing and share it with people. Just start!

There are so many people with great ideas, great plans, gifted hands, and gifted minds. Unfortunately, only few people implement their great plans/ideas. Only a few put their great ideas/plans to action. Your action/actions are what is recognised/celebrated not your ideas. Why is that? Because everyone has an idea but not everyone puts those ideas into action. No one sees your ideas but everyone sees your actions.

No one gets anything done by waiting for the perfect moment. Just start!

Just start! Life is like a relay race, you are handing the baton over to who you will be tomorrow. You are not in competition with anyone; the only person you are in competition with is the person you were yesterday.
Just start! How you will finish really is none of your business that is God’s business. For ‘’it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy’’ (Romans 9:16). Hand everything (your plans, your ideas, your actions… everything) over to God and allow Him lead you through it all.

Be Inspired.

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