Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Value of True Friends


True friends are like angels sent by God to us. They might have one or two flaws but their right doings always supersedes their wrong doings. Always understand that there is a reason you are not the only one on earth. You need people to survive cos you cannot do it all by yourself. Friendships are like relationships, communication keeps it going, communication keeps it growing and communication makes it stronger day in day out.
In every relationship, girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/husbands/friends start getting a bit jealous when their significant other/partner/friend starts getting close to another person. They are jealous not because they are selfish or because there is something wrong with them, on the contrary. They are jealous because they care. They are jealous because they are sacred of losing you. And if care is not taken, they will start slipping away without you even noticing.

There are certain people that you can't afford to lose. God made us meet certain people for a reason. Some relationships are destined by God. Same also goes for friendships. Some say "why be so jealous when it's not as if we are dating or in a relationship". The truth is, everyone who truly cares about you is emotionally attached to you. When you are sad, they are sad. When you are happy they are happy. Be it your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/family. Anyone who truly cares about you will be emotionally attached to you.

You need to always appreciate those in your life and understand they are of great value to you. In every relationship or friendship before a person walks away, there are always some clear signs or warning, you just have to be observant enough to see those signs and warnings. Anything that means something to you, anything that adds value to you or that makes you happy, you need to hold on to that thing. When some people slip away it might be very difficult to get them back. One question, are they worth losing or are they worth fighting for?  If they are worth fighting for or not worth losing then try not to lose them. Try and appreciate them. Those little things you think that do not matter are the things that actually matter the most and when you see that you have lost them, try as much as possible to get them back cos it'll be your loss if you lose them.

Remember, some friends are angels sent to us by God. However, keep this adage in mind "show me your friend and I will tell you who you are". Pray before choosing your friends and also choose them wisely. Ask God for true friends cos they are priceless. Like a pastor once said, it is not actually ‘’show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’’ it is ‘’show me your friend and I will tell you your future’. Just like relationships, friendships either make or break you. Remember being friends with someone is a choice. Choose friends that make you not break you.  Choose friends that challenge you to be a better person. Choose friends that make you laugh. Choose friends that help you build and not destroy.  Choose friends that you can trust and rely on. Just by your smile or laugh or a few words, a true friend could sense when something is wrong. Choose friends that understand you. Choose friends that accept you for who you are.

Remember the bible says "watch and pray". Watch those you choose as friends, pray before choosing anyone as a friend. Friends break or make you. Choose wisely. Be in the right company always. Appreciate those in your life and always understand that it is those little things that we think do not count or matter are the things that counts and matters most.

Finally, also ensure that you are a true friend to someone cos the value of a true friend is priceless.

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