Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Colour Nude Is ''The New Black''


''The New Black'' to me is the nude colour. Nude colours (nude colours come in different shades) are the reigning set of unbeatable fashion unlike in those days when they say black goes with all/any colours and all you see around is people wearing black just to match with their various outfits. Now the existence of nude colours come in grand style.
You can have them in shoes.

You could also have them in sandals. 

You could wear a nude shoe on any colour like the beautiful Kate Middleton did. 

You could also wear it as a complete outfit just mix one or two neutral colours (white and black) with it like the beautiful model did. 

You could also wear it with colour blocking outfits like the beautiful Kim Kardashian or Kate Beckinsale did.

You could also wear it as a simple lovely outfit like the beautiful Yvonne Nelson did. 

The above descriptions with pictures won't you rather compliment your dressing with a nude colour than with black? 
P.S -Nude Colour could also look so beautiful and classy without combining any colour with it, for instance how the beautiful Kate Middleton wore it.

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