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The Great Wonders of Using Tooth Floss

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 The benefits of using tooth floss cannot be overemphasised. Unfortunately, not many know about this but those who know about tooth floss can testify to its great wonders/benefits. Also, some who use tooth floss do not even  know most of its benefits but not to worry, that is why this post is here.

Tooth floss mainly comes in two forms as can be seen in the pictures above and the pictures below are ways of using the two forms of tooth floss.

Most people believe that as long as they brush their teeth they are good to go. They are however wrong. When we brush our teeth, we are of the believe that we are trying to remove food particles that stored in our mouths so as to avoid plaque, prevent bad odour, avoid tooth decay/tooth aches, avoid or reduce the chances of having heart diseases or heart complications amongst others. But unknown to people, brushing does not really do the above mentioned, tooth floss does.

Brushing helps brighten the teeth and keep ones mouth fresh but tooth floss on the other hand helps a great deal in keeping the mouth healthy, sparkling and fresh. Let’s just say the use of tooth floss is the foundation to having an healthy breath and mouth in general.

Some of the great wonders/benefits of tooth floss are:

Mouth Odour- When flossing your teeth, all those hidden food particles in between the teeth that tooth picks did not or cannot remove, tooth floss helps remove them completely. And while removing them, you will perceive the odour coming out of those food particles. Brushing cannot do this but tooth floss can thus giving one a healthy and fresh breath.

Mouth Bleeding- The regular use of tooth floss prevents mouth bleeding. Sometimes, you notice that when brushing you bleed right? But do you know that when you start using tooth floss regularly your mouth bleeding stops? P.S- When you newly start using tooth floss or when you haven’t flossed your teeth for a while, you will also experience mouth bleeding. Lesson- Use tooth floss regularly to avoid your mouth from bleeding while brushing/flossing.

Tooth Decay- Tooth floss helps remove all those little particles of sweet or sugary substances hidden in the mouth or in between the teeth that can cause ones teeth to decay.

Plaques and Heart Disease- Those food particles stored in between the teeth when not removed, after a while, it begins to form plaques in the mouth. Plaques are all those yellow substances found in between the teeth that are difficult to remove. Do you know that the formation on plaques in ones mouth gradually causes one to have heart disease?

Stomach Upset- Do you know that those food particles that are stored in between your teeth when not removed with tooth picks or tooth brush mixes with your food and causes stomach upset? 

Don’t you want when you wake in the morning before brushing you still tend to have a fresh breath?
Don’t you want to talk to people and not have bad breath or mouth odour?
Don’t you want brushing your teeth knowing fully when that your mouth won’t bleed?
Don’t you want a life free of tooth decay/aches?
Don’t you want a mouth free of plaques and a life free of heart disease/diseases?
Don't you want your life free of stomach upset? 

If your answers are all YES to all the questions above then it is high time you started using tooth floss.

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Be inspired to look and feel healthy.

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