Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Life... Is Like A Glittery Glass


Life is like a glittery glass. On the outside or on the surface, all you see is this beautiful glittery glass but to really now the true state of the glittery glass, you have to look at it from the inside. From the inside or from behind, the glittery glass might be cracked or dirty or old or there is something holding the glass from falling. However looking at it from the outside, the only thing you can see is this beautiful glittery glass.

In life, most people believe/act as though they know what is. However, all they know is what looks as if it is. This is a great example of not everything is as it is because not all that glitters is gold.

For example, lady A might see lady B wearing flashy/expensive clothes, flashy/expensive bags, and expensive shoes with a wealthy husband or boyfriend. Lady A begins to pray to be like that lady B, but unknown to lady A, lady B has just one week to live or is dying to be happy or cried herself to sleep or stayed awake all night crying.

Another example, a man in your office who drives a very expensive car arrives to work extremely late. People start murmuring or gossiping about the man, that he just wants to let everyone know that he drives an expensive car. But unknown to them, the man’s car might have broken down, there was no bus (public transport) to take him to the office. He spent one hour looking for a mechanic and after his car got fixed, he was faced with a terrible traffic. He was unable to call his colleagues because his phone battery died the night before and there was no light for him to charge his phone. You just might never know what exactly caused him to arrive late without asking him.
No one lives a perfect life. No one has a perfect life only God. You cannot expect people to show the world their imperfect lives or focus on their imperfect lives. What you see are people who choose to live, people who choose to smile, people who choose to be happy and people who choose to be thankful.

No one’s life is perfect but some wear the make-up called smile better than others cos they choose to smile despite their imperfect lives. Rather than judging others or envying others or criticising others or condemning others or comparing yourself with others why not focus on smiling, focus on being happy, focus on you and focus on being thankful. The way your life isn’t perfect so also is the life of the person you thought has a perfect life.

Life is like a glittery glass. You see what you choose to see, you see what you think is rather than what really is.

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