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Ladies Why You Need A Concealer In Your Life.

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A concealer is a must have in every ladies make-up bag/purse, unfortunately I realised this late, well when I was a rookie in wearing make-ups. I believe those that use concealer will understand what I am saying. However, for those who haven’t started using concealer, do not worry, this is what this post is all about. The picture above is a guide to the places a concealer needs to be applied on ones face.

Does your face have different colours, say different shades of brown/black (if you are a dark skinned person) or different shades of yellow (if you are light skinned person)? And after applying all the make-up you feel you need to apply on your face, you still do not have that flawless face you desire or the different shades of your face skin colour still shows? Then I think concealer is the best bet for you. Why is that? Concealer helps even out your skin colour in the sense that your face gets to have one colour after applying concealer, like the picture of the beautiful lady below.

There are times you have so much to do, maybe as a result of a job (say working late, reading for an exam or just reading or doing an assignment amongst others) that needs to be done which deprives from having the good night sleep you ought to have. Most times sleepless nights cause eye bags and make the eye area darker. Concealer actually helps cover those eyes bags as though they were never there. It also helps get rid of the dark areas around the eye. Concealer also helps brighten ones face and gives one that outstanding look. Sounds great right?

Aside from the dark areas around the eye or ones eye bags, concealer also helps hid ones dark spots caused as a result of pimples or spots in general.

Smoothness- There is just this finishing touch, this smoothness, this satisfactory look concealer gives the face after application. I believe it is called a flawless make-up.

It is recommended that the concealer one uses should be a little bit lighter than their skin colour since you will be wearing a foundation that is your skin shade. Some people prefer applying concealer first before foundation while others prefers foundation first then concealer. Well I prefer concealer first before foundation. P.S- Ladies I believe you know that before applying make-up to the face, you need to first moisturise/apply lotion or cream to your face right?

P.S- To the guys/men, this post is not advocating for ladies to look or appear as who they are not or cover up their facial flaws, on the contrary. This however, is advocating for ladies to look and most importantly feel beautiful about themselves. Every lady or most ladies wear make-up. Every lady just wants to look and feel beautiful and this I believe will help a lot.

P.S- Ladies, the application of concealer should be in places where you have spots/ eye bags amongst others so that there will be a little difference in your before and after make-up.

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  1. I really do not foundation because its makes my face oily.and am really not a makeup person.tnx for this post thou


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