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Ladies- An Easy Guide To Having The Perfect Brows

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I have been finding it pretty difficult in having the perfect brows till I stumbled upon the picture above. Every girl wants that beautiful and perfect brows on her face, cos once your brows are perfect or good enough, wearing other make-ups are pretty secondary. What do I mean by secondary? Secondary in the sense that, there are days when you do not feel like wearing any make-up, once your brows are well drawn and you apply transparent lip gloss on your lips, you really are good to go. While there are days you just feel like looking beautiful, then you apply other kinds of make-ups on your face like concealer, foundation, brown/white powder and the list goes on.

The importance of good eyebrows cannot be overemphasised. Our eyebrows helps bring out our face more. The picture above shows step by step guide to draw a perfect brows. The steps will be further explained below:

Step 1- Shape your brows.
You could shape your brows the way you want by using either blade, tweezers or you could pluck it by using a thread. Then after you have shaped it to the way you so desire, brush it.
P.S- only an experts does plucking brows with thread. 

Step 2- Draw your brows with an eye pencil.

The picture above shows you how to draw your brows. You could use a tail comb and follow the direction in the above picture (I also started with a tail comb). After brushing your shaped brows, just draw a line on your upper and lower brows using an eye pencil following the shape of brows.

Step 3- Try blending it in with your brush

Step 4- Apply eye shadow
Make your brows appear fuller (this is mostly for people with not so full brows) by applying a dark shade of eye shadow (say dark brown).

Step 5- Apply concealer
The way you used an eye pencil in step 2 to draw a line following the shape of your brows, try doing same with a concealer brush by applying concealer to your brows. Concealer helps bring out the beauty in your brows. It also helps it appear more perfect.

Step 6- Blend concealer
Use a brush or powder buff to blend the concealer in step 5 to your skin tone. After that, Viola! You have the perfect brows. *Smiles*

You can practice the above steps, it might seem difficult at first but do not worry, practice makes perfect and in no time you become an expert in drawing the perfect brows.

Enjoy looking and most importantly feeling beautiful with the perfect brows. Please be kind enough to share this post with others and please also feel free to comment below. 

Be inspired to look and feel beautiful.  

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