Monday, 7 April 2014

God’s Timing

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There is an Igbo (One if the languages in Nigeria) adage that says ''Whoever God says will be king will be king''. God is the potter and we are the clay. He moulded everyone to accomplish different purposes on earth. A book is different from a cardboard sheet, but they can both be written on. A cardboard has its own function same goes to the book. If a book keeps looking down on itself or keeps comparing itself to a cardboard sheet, it will forever feel worthless. They were both created to do great things in their unique ways.

President Johnathan might not have known that he would be the leader of a great nation today, but he believed in himself & in his dreams. King David might not have known that he would be King cos he was just a shepherd boy. But he knew the God he serves. All along God was training him for the post of a king when he was still a shepherd boy. God taught him how to kill a lion & a bear as a shepherd. When the time came, for God to prove that David will be king, God helped David kill Goliath. God helped David kill the enemies of Israel. Same goes to Joseph. Despite all odds, He believed in God and in his dreams.

So I end with again with this Igbo adage ''Whoever God says will be king, will be king’’. Stop looking down on yourself, stop comparing yourself to others, believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, keep working hard. For every tears comes a smile, for every pain comes strength, God trains a man before He showcases him to the world. You were created for a unique purpose by God. Life is never about competition. Life is a race, not a competing race but an individual race. God already created you to be a king/queen on earth. Don't compare yourself with others for in God's time you will be crowned king/queen. While waiting for God to crown you king/queen, accept his training with humility and trust.

Always remember, as long as you were created by God, you are not worthless. You are valuable, priceless & unique. Don't see yourself less than you really are.

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