Thursday, 17 April 2014

Friday Inspirations

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Inspiration comes from the inside. The Holy Spirit dwells on our inside and He is the source of all inspirations. The Holy Spirit is also the one who enables your inspiration to touch the hearts and minds of others thereby inspiring them too.

What is Friday Inspirations about?

Hello Lovely People!

There is an information I would love to share with you. I hope you will love it as much as I do. A friend came up with this idea and I loved it, thought about it and decided to implement it immediately for us to inspire one another. Every Friday I will be posting on my blog inspiring/motivating stories (life stories or stories in general)/write-ups/songs amongst others sent by you to me for us to inspire/motivate one another. It will be called ‘’Friday Inspirations’’.

You can send your inspiring/motivating stories, write-ups, pictures, paintings, drawing, testimonies to me on . Please note that whatever you send to me will not be edited because if I edit it, it might not be the way you would like to pass your message across. They will all be in your own words. The way you were inspired to write/paint/draw them to help inspire/motivate others will be the way it will be posted. You never know who you could be saving at that point in time.

Also, if you listened to a song or you watched a movie or read a book and it touched you in a great way or it inspired/motivated you, you could also send it. You could send it by writing the name of the book/movie or song or the video for us to be inspired too or anything at all you feel we could learn from. Please be kind enough to share it with us.

The motto of Friday Inspirations is – Giving You The Voice To Inspire Others

P.S- Please send your name (or whatever you want us to identify you as, say your twitter handle or face book etc) along with your stories/write-ups/songs amongst others. It is only appropriate to give honour to whom honour is due, by acknowledging the owners of the inspiration.

Also, please if the stories/testimonies/pictures/songs/paintings amongst others are not yours, please you could write the name of the author/artiste. This will help avoid copyright issues/plagiarism and also to credit them for their great work which is now being used to inspire/motivate us all.

I await your emails of inspirations. Together we will inspire one another.

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