Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday Inspirations- The Power of Music

Hello everybody,

It’s amazing how people don't know the power of Music. Music is Spiritual and by the time am done with this story I hope the Holy Spirit would have convinced you. Music and your spirit are the only things that would go to heaven, in Revelations the bible says a new song was sang in Heaven. Nothing else on earth was mentioned in the bible made it to heaven.

Let me cast your minds back to the bible when Saul was troubled by an evil spirit and David played the harp and the evil spirit left Saul for a season. Then also remember the old days of Indian movies, when some dude would just take a flute and begin to play and a snake would come out of a pot and begin to dance Skelewu... Lol MUSIC IS SPIRITUAL PEOPLE in other words, there's a spirit behind every music!

Music goes straight to your spirit, as a child of God you need to listen to songs that minister to your spirit, and not worldly songs that pollute your spirit with negative Emotions & Tensions. It’s time to delete those worldly songs. When I did mine it wasn't easy, but I did it anyways and am reaping the dividends today!!! Songs are so spiritual that God says enter into His Presence with Thanksgiving and into courts with Praise. Dr Mike Murdock said "A Song is way to God's Presence"....

Have a blessed day ahead people with Love from Gen Amfani (Billionaire Aquaman)B-)

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