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Friday Inspirations- CONFIDENCE: The best accessory a human can ever have


Firstly according to dictionary (Merriam- Webster), Confidence is  a feeling or consciousness of ones power or of reliance on one circumstance. In my perspective, confidence is the way you carry yourself with pride and assurance that you are perfect…

Confidence basically has to do with high self-esteem. It is that feeling that no one can take advantage of you, that feeling that you are just perfect the way you are! When a person lacks confidence… the person has lost virtually everything. Lack of confidence causes low self-esteem. This has resulted in the loss of lives and has equally ruined the future and careers of many. But I assure you that all hope is not lost, you can still build that confidence in you, and you can still turn your situation around once you believe you can! There are 2 things that can destroy your confidence:

1.      Your belief
2.      What people say or people’s opinion about you

...Permit me to share this story with you:

There’s a certain girl who happens to be very beautiful and smart but she always complained of her classmates always taking advantage of her, making her feel like a nobody. She cries every single day because she just couldn’t face them. The intimidation got to an extent that she just couldn’t take it anymore. That fateful day, I did not know what pushed me to where she was crying her eye balls out.  I walked up to her and asked ‘’what’s the problem was? Why are you always moody, you keep crying and being so sorrowful?’’ 

She then explained everything from the beginning to me. She said

‘’There was a problem with delivering me…. Excess water entered into my body which affected me seriously… in terms of my speech pronunciation, act  of hearing and breathing… which affects the way I talk. I can hardly hear from afar…neither is it possible for me to breath without opening my mouth. The doctor said I will undergo an operation to suck the water out but it’s going to be a 50/50 thing. My mum told them not to worry that all would be well. She said that out of fear of losing me… so life went on. This was how the problem started anytime I am in class (mostly in English or phonics class) I would be so scared to participate due to the fear that I get laughed at every day. Most of the time they call me from afar knowing so well I have a challenge with hearing. Then they start laughing, they start making fun of me that I was too deaf.  
Most times in class a question would be raised by a teacher (like if you know the answer kind of question,  I would be the first to raise  my hand because I know the answer to the question. However, my class mates will start mocking me amongst themselves cos of the way I talk… that alone stopped me from contributing in class. I also battle at night with severe ear pains or I will be unable to breathe. At times I will be taken to the hospital to receive treatments on the same issue every single time. I just got fed up and as a result of this I completely lost my self-esteem. I wanted was to be left alone.’’

When I heard her story, I felt pity for her because it really was a great deal. Facing personal challenges and also being taken advantage of by her mates. I really didn’t know how to go about it. So I told her these 5 main things she needed to know;

1.      Never listen to what people say about you. You know what you’re facing and where you’re heading so they have no right to judge you. No matter what you do they must surely talk.
2.      Work more on your self-esteem. Build up your confidence. When they talk to you in the manner you don’t like, tell them. If they don’t listen then you ignore them and move on cos silence is the best answer…
3.      Face you fears: they would have noticed that you are always scared of them so they would keep on riding on you. But once they shout at you or something and you show them your no longer afraid they would flee.
4.      Table everything to GOD in prayers. This is the most important because He knows what your passing through (Matthew 11:28).
5.      Let everything about you be done with confidence cos when you are confident in yourself you would know how to handle bullies or esteem issues.

She worked on these five things and believe it or not she is now one of the best students in her class and all those people that looked down on her now look up to her…all thanks to GOD.

In conclusion, confidence help build relationships, friendships, ones esteem, career, your outlook on life, your charisma etc. confidence literally helps build everything in life. However, lack of confidence kills. It destroys one’s life slowly even without them knowing. Lack of confidence really is dangerous!

Above all, there is only one person that can help you in building your confidence and that person is GOD.

Confidence is truly the best accessory a human can ever have. Be Inspired. 

By @Cameroncelina

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