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Drinks VS Water

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Drinks are so refreshing particularly when served cold. They obviously have great taste. However, do you know that the intake of drinks also have some damaging effects in the body? Below are some of the effects of drinks in the body amongst others:
      1) The effect of drinks popularly known by people is the “increase or gain in weight”, this is situation whereby there’s a rapid increase in the size and weight of a person which gradually results in to obesity.
      2) Increase in the risk of high blood pressure. As we all know high BP can obviously lead to heart attack, as a result of increase in cholesterol which is among the causes of cardiovascular diseases.
      3) The sugar content in drinks causes diabetes
      4) The regular intake of drinks damages the bones in the human body.
      5) The intake of drinks weakens the human body thereby slowing the body performance.

      6) There are some drinks when substituted as toilet wash cleanses the toilet within minutes and makes them look as though they were brand new. If a drink can do this, they how much more what it could do to the human body.
      7) The acidic substance in drinks causes ulcer i.e. over concentration of hydrochloric acid.

Is the intake of drinks advisable? I leave you to be the judge...


Water is a tasteless drink which people most times do not like taking because of its tastelessness.  70% of the human body contains water. Based on some studies, a person can go for days without eating and not die but the lack of intake of water in the body for days can lead to death. This shows the great importance of water in the body.

Let’s drift from the human body a bit and talk about trees and plants. What makes them (trees and plants) blossom and look so beautiful in the eyes? Of course it is water. Avoiding watering them for days and they begin to wither and look unattractive in the eye. If water could do this great works in trees and plants, how much more would it do in the body of man?

Back to the human body, water cleanses the body of all sickness and diseases. For instance, when you go to the hospital when ill, what is the first thing the doctor will ask you? How often do you drink water? Because they (the doctors) know that the fastest way to recovery is by drinking water. If the patient says not often, they (the doctors) recommend the regular intake of water.

Water also helps the human body shed some weight. One of the fastest ways to lose weight is regular intake of water. The body passes out fats through urine. This can only be done through drinking water regularly.

Water gives strength to the body. #Ladies, do you know that water helps reduce menstrual pain?

The intake of water gives the body a healthy and glowing skin. Water also slows down the ageing process in the human body thereby giving man (man &woman) a younger look. When water is taken, it mixes with the blood and flushes away elements of sickness or diseases in the body through urine. It is also advised that the first thing you do in the morning before brushing is to drink a glass/cup of water.

If water can do these great works in the human body and so much more, would it not be better, safer and healthier to drink water more? If yes, it’s time to drink up. Please be kind enough to share this post with others and please also feel free to comment below. 

Be Inspired to look and feel healthy.

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