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Dress, Look And Feel Like A King


Please before I start, I would very much like to say that this is from a lady’s view point. I might be wrong, I might also be right. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy your reading and please feel free to correct me/contribute by commenting below.

Some guys/men are already dressing like a king but it won’t be a bad idea if they still read on, you never can tell, you could learn a thing or two. Also, there are some guys/men who are still trying to find their way in the fashion world to dress and look more like a king. It is alright. Rome wasn’t built in a day neither was a king groomed to be a king in a day. So do not worry, I believe in less than no time, you will be dressing and also feeling like a king.

P.S- the points that will be listed and explained below are just the basics, from time to time, more light will be shed on them.

Hair- Let’s start with the hair. I guess some will be saying but what do ones hair got to do with the way he dress? Well, your hair has some much to do with your dressing. As a man, the importance of a clean cut cannot be overemphasised. However, if you want to grow an afro, then it is advised that it should be neatly maintained. An afro hair could also be called a bushy hair. However what makes it lovely to behold is how well it is maintained.
Aside from getting a clean cut/having an afro, you could go further by creaming your hair, brushing/combing it.

Beards- The importance of a neatly shaved beards cannot be overemphasised.
Corporate Wears- There is nothing more attractive at a first glance than a guy who is neatly dressed. Suits must be well tailored. It must be fitted in all the right places (P.S- well fitted does not mean tight). Baggy suits, baggy shirts, baggy trousers is a no no. it is not in any way pleasing in the eye.

Causal Wears- You could also look kingly on causal wears. There is a saying that goes thus ‘’simplicity is sophisticated’’. I for one, I really love seeing guys on a polo shirt/short sleeve shirt with three quarter shorts tucked in with a lovely belt and a nice shoe to go with it.
You could put on any sort of casual wear you so desire and still look kingly, all that is expected of you is that it is neatly ironed or neatly worn.

P.S- Sagging has never being identified with a king. Kings do not sag!

Shoes- The shoes… I do hear people (well guys) say that ladies mostly identifies a guy with the kind of shoe he puts on. Well… all I would say is that, always put on a well-polished or a clean shoe/sandal/slippers.

Nails- It is advised to haven short nails. However, there are guys with who neatly maintains them. It is a choice thing actually. Remember, it is all about dressing, looking and feeling like a king. One question, have you ever seen a King or a CEO or a President amongst others with long nails? If your answer is yes, then you can carry on with the long nails.

Cream- Most men are not like women who love moisturising, as long as they have applied Vaseline, they are good to go. This is also alright as long as your skin doesn’t appear all dried up/white.

Perfume- There is a saying that goes thus ‘’a man’s dressing is never complete without a cologne’’. Ones cologne leaves a lasting memory behind even when the person is no longer in the room. But please note, do not over indulge when wearing cologne, the strong scent might seem offensive to others.

Lastly, Confidence- Some will say but this is not part of ones dressing. Well it is. No one’s dressing is ever complete without confidence. Confidence is the new sexy. Carry yourself like the king that you are. P.S- Confidence is never arrogance.

When one is first seen, the first thing that is noticed first in a person is the level of the person’s dressing. Remember, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Sometimes, all you have is just one chance to make a first impression, it is of utmost importance to make that first impression count.

You are a king from birth, unleash the king you are by dressing, looking and most importantly looking like a king. Please remember, ones style comes from the inside. Be unique in your dressing, own your dressing but still look and most importantly feel like a king.

P.Splease remember, a king should not wear any of these >>> 

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Be Inspired to look and feel like a king.

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