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Delayed But Not Denied

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It is popularly believed by people that delayed means denied. However the story of this young man will change the minds of people not to give up and that delayed is never denial.

Joseph told his brothers about the dream he had the night before, a dream about his future. However, envy and jealousy made his brothers conspire to sell him into slavery. His trials started at a tender age (17 years old) when he was sold into slavery but his destiny could not just be denied of him, and at the age of 30, Joseph became the Prime Minister of the country where he was been sold into slavery (Genesis 37- Genesis 41). Though his destiny was delayed it was not denied.

The devil thought he could deny Joseph of his destiny. The devil never knew that the only thing he could do was delay Joseph’s destiny but not deny him of his destiny. An Igbo (a language in Nigeria) adage says ‘’whoever God says will be king will be king’’. The bible says, who is he that says a thing and it comes to pass when the Lord has not commanded it? (Lamentations 3:37).

Joseph’s brothers sold him to slavery but unknown to them that the people they sold Joseph to were heading to the place Joseph will be announced as king. They were headed to the place where Joseph’s destiny will be fulfilled. That destiny they tried to destroy was headed to the place where it will shine forth. Like the saying that goes thus, every disappointment is a blessing. They initially wanted to kill Joseph but God entered into one of his brothers and he advised them to sell him instead.

Joseph’s trials and tribulations were actually his road map to his greatness. Sometimes when trials and tribulations come our way, we start questioning God or start saying that God has forgotten us but unknown to us that He actually hasn’t left our side. He is working but we cannot see what He is working on. No wonder God is an unquestionable God. No one can question Him cos He is The Almighty. He knows and sees the end even before the beginning began.

Joseph for once never stopped trusting God. Joseph for once never stopped serving God. Joseph for once never stopped telling those that cared to listen about his God even while he was in prison AND WHEN THE TIME CAME, THE KING SENT FOR JOSEPH AND HIS TRIALS TURNED INTO MULTIPLE TESTIMONIES.

In the no distant future dear readers, the king, your king will send for you and your story will change for the best in Jesus Name. Amen

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