Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Colours That Can Make You Stand Out.


People love standing out in every event/occasion/gathering they find themselves in. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the colours that can actually make them stand out/ appear breath-taking in any gathering. There are colours that make anyone (ladies and also gentlemen) stand out even without them trying. What do I mean by ‘’without them trying’’. I mean trying in terms of complementing ones outfit with accessories such as necklaces or jewelleries amongst others (this is for the ladies). And for the gentlemen, trying in the sense of complementing your outfit with ties, jackets, cuff links amongst others.

These colours are white, red, purple, orange and yellow. All skin colours (light skinned, brown skinned and dark skinned persons) can wear outfits with any of these colours as their outfit's main colour and still look breath-taking. Then accessorising them will only leave the person wearing such colours breath-taking and stand out in the midst of everyone. 






Also, colour blocking with these colours (this will be a post on its own) will also make you stand out even more, guys included. P.S- There are ways guys can colour block and still make them look masculine. Colour blocking is not only for the ladies.  

Rather than stressing yourself thinking of clothes/outfits to wear that will make you stand out in any gathering/occasion you find yourself in whether it is a causal, semi-causal, formal, dinner date, traditional gathering amongst others. Just put on an outfit that any of these colours is the outfit’s main colour and watch as you stand out in that event.

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Be inspired to look and feel beautiful.
Be inspired to look and feel like handsome.

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