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A Letter To The Ladies: Dear Ladies


Dear Ladies,

This is a letter from a fellow lady like you. I hope you read, enjoy and be inspired.

Dear ladies, if you always desire to be independent then where do the men come in?  Respect the importance & significance of why God created men first. Yes, women are extremely important but don't forget Eve was removed from one of the ribs of Adam. It’s ok not to be ok. It's ok to be protective of your heart but give God your heart and allow Him give it to the right man.

Dear ladies, going against the Will and Plan of God in the desire for a man to love and respect you will only create a distance between you & God (this relationship is the greatest relationship of all). Love yourself ladies and when you do, you will have the heart to appreciate what is means to love others and what it means to be loved. But first, love yourself. Fall in love with you.

Dear ladies, remember it was God that created men, good or bad they are humans. That is why you were created to be the help meet (Genesis 2:18). Ladies, understand that you have power. Not power between your legs but power within you to turn the hardest heart to the softest heart. Ladies, this might sound wired based on the popular belief that no one can change a man. But you can change a man. You can help him in achieving his dreams. You can help him become a better man. Understand what lies within you.

Dear ladies, there is a reason why Eve (the woman) was created to become a help meet to Adam (the man). Remember God is never wrong. Ladies please be supportive. Please be submissive. Please be encouraging. Please give a listening ear and an understanding heart to your man.

Dear ladies, some men are wolves in sheep clothing. Sometimes your gift of discernment is not enough. You need God to see & know who is right for you and who is not. Men will do anything to get in between your legs. Know who is worth it and who is not. To be safer, obey God & wait till marriage.

Dear ladies, when he (your man) does what is/was not expected of him to do, please don't look down on him. Forgive him & understand he is but human.

Dear ladies, please pray for your man. If you have him- pray for him. If you are yet to have him- pray for him still for he is on his way.

Dear ladies, love is real but you can only understand what it truly means by closing your legs. Love is not determined by who you open your legs for but who respects you enough to allow you close your legs. You don't need to be married before you start praying for your husband and children. Everything starts now. Yes, wisdom comes from life experiences but do you know that wisdom beyond human comprehension comes when you get on your knees & pray? Please cultivate the habit of praying. Please cultivate the habit of reading the Word of God. Please cultivate the habit of going to church.

Dear ladies, believe it or not, you are the daughters of a King. Not just any king, but the King of all Kings. Please dress like a princess. You don't need opening your body or dressing half naked to attract a man. Yes, you will/might attract a man but the wrong one. Please be decent. Be what you want your daughters to be and appear the way you want you daughters to appear. Remember, the way one dresses is the way they will be addressed. Ladies, do you know that you can be decent and still be extremely classy?  You don't need to go for the latest fashion, just put on what suits your body type and you are good to go.

Dear ladies, please no matter what, never look down on a man. Never insult the abilities of any man even if he is not your father/brother/husband/boyfriend.

Dear Ladies, we are the weaker vessel because we are emotional beings. But please never underestimate what you carry inside of you because you are so much stronger than you know.

Dear ladies, even if he is far richer than you, try and be involved in something, not because of the money but because of fulfilment, value and joy within.

Dear ladies, respect every man. When you decide to be with a man, be with him with all of your heart and remove your eyes from another man. Remember you chose him not them.

Dear ladies, it is possible to fall in love with someone who isn't in love with you. Don't kill yourself over it. A man who will love you for you/for who you are is on his way. Hold on tight.

Dear ladies, please it is a necessity, a thing of importance to know how to cook. Please pride yourself in that area & don't let your man be forced to eat outside.

Dear ladies, do you know you can build a man and you can also destroy him? Please choose to build him. Please choose to make him happy.

Dear Ladies, please try and let what happens between you and your man remain between you and your man. Please before going to seek advice from people or hear their views, try consulting God first by praying.

Dear Ladies, do you know that who a man becomes in life rests with the women? Yes, the women and they are mainly his mother, his sister, his girlfriend and his wife.

Dear ladies, even if you haven't met him, create the man you want on your knees by praying.

In conclusion, dear ladies, please always remember you are beautiful and that you are more than just a pretty/beautiful face. You are priceless and of great value, please make your life inspiring to others.  

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Be Inspired. 

Yours Truly,

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