Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day!


A mother menstruates for almost half or more than half of her existence and she also suffers the pain that comes with menstruation. Her back aches, her waist aches, her stomach also aches during this period. However, she gets up every morning to ensure she gives her children the best in life.

A mother when pregnant, her beauty begins to fade. She begins to add weight. Her feet, face, lips and hands start to swell. She is constantly urinating. Her back aches. She begins to get darker. She is constantly tired. However, with all these, she takes each day as it comes with every strength in her with the believe that she is carrying one of the greatest gifts ever given to her by God.

She pushes with all her strength and strength given to her by God in the labour room. She is between life and death while pushing, but she fights death and chooses life. She pushes and births her joy, her pride, her happiness, her child.

ð  A mother stays awake at night to see that her child/children are safely asleep.

ð  A mother backs her child/children and family up with prayers.

ð  A mother fasts to see that her child/children do not go hungry.

ð  A mother struggles so hard to see that her children has the best in life. She gives her children the best she can afford.

ð  A mother is her child/children’s best friend. 

ð  A mother is her child/children’s greatest critic and also their greatest supporter and encourager.

ð  A mother even when ill, never rests until she sees that her children are doing alright. 

ð  A mother receives insults, disrespect, and ingratitude at times from her child/children but never for once stopped loving him/her/them. She never for once goes to bed without ensuring that her children weren't fed. She never for once forsook a depressed child. She never for once deserted her child/children when he/she/them is/are ill. She never for once abandoned her child/children who is/are going astray. She always prays for him/her/them.

ð  A mother cries when she is emotional. Those tears are symbols of love.  A mother goes on her knees to pray to the Almighty God cos He is the only source of her strength.

ð  A mother trains her daughters to one day be great mothers. A mother trains her sons to one day be great fathers.  

Mothers can simply be called love, encourager, supporter, confidant, friend and the list goes on.

The greatest decision any mother ever had to make was to choose to carry her child/children for 9 months. 

Let’s raise a glass of champagne to all mothers all over the world and say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. MAY GOD BLESS ALL MOTHERS ALL OVER THE WORLD. AMEN.

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