Friday, 28 March 2014

Colour Combinations- Episode 1


I love combining colours especially bright colours on my outfit. The beautiful lady in the picture above, is wearing a simple but beautiful dress. But do you also know that the colours on her dress are colours you can use in combining the outfit you put on?

Lets start analysing:

The colours on the dress are- Green/Lemon green, dark pink, light pink, orange, blue and cream
ð  Blue and Green/Lemon green- Blue top with a green skirt or the other way round and a black/brown handbag and shoe/sandal to go with it. You not only look beautiful, you will also feel beautiful.

ð  Orange and blue- I so much love this colour combination. It could be an orange dress with a blue jacket/sweater or an orange dress with a blue handbag or vice versa. Orange and blue are lovely colour combinations for an outfit, then make the outfit more beautiful by wearing a nude shoe with a black handbag.

ð  Dark pink and blue- This colour combination goes any day, any time.

ð  Light pink and blue- This is also an awesome colour combination.

ð  Cream and green
ð  Cream and blue
ð  Cream, light pink and blue
ð  Cream and dark pink
All the colour combinations with cream are beautiful combinations. Then accessorise with a darker colour, for example black/brown handbag and shoe. You also could accessorise with a classier colour by wearing a nude shoe (I love this!).

When you play around with the above colours, you will feel beautiful, classy and chic.

Please post your comments below for more suggestions (colour combinations) on the above colours.

P.S- Please play around with maximum of 3 colours, so that it will look great in the eyes or perhaps if you want to play around with 4 colours, please let the fourth colour be black.
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P.S- Here is a post that talks more about nude colours.   

Be inspired to look and feel beautiful. Be inspired to look and feel classy. Please be kind enough to share this post with others and please also feel free to comment below.

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  1. are you sure this combo will not make me look like a clown


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