Tuesday, 8 January 2019

It Isn't Too Late To Say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Yes today is the 8th of January but trust me it isn't  late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! *dancing*

I was a little bit indisposed hence my absence from blogging. But I am back, stronger and better.

How was your new year celebration? Hope you had fun? Above all, hope you were thankful for the new year?

Whatever it is that
you wanted God to do for you in 2018 and He is yet to do it, 2019 is your year. Just hold unto God and completely trust Him. As long as God remains the ever faithful God, He will give you the desires of yout heart. Always rememeber, God might not be early but He is never late.

In 2019, be thankful for everything...a new day, every minute that goes by, your ability to eat, your loved ones...everything. 

Make positive declarations and be nearer to God like never before and watch God answer His name in your life. 


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