Sunday, 25 December 2016


My Dear Internet Family, 

It has been wonderful to share parts of my 2016 with you and I am beyond grateful to God for that. 

I am also grateful to God for granting us the grace to witness 2016 Christmas.  It is a privilege we won't take for granted. 

What the Holy Spirit taught me Christmas means
"Christ for the Masses" which literally means, Christ for everyone.

As we celebrate Christmas, may we not forget the reason behind the season who is Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Do Have An Amazing Christmas Celebration.

Yours Truly,

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Ann Chetachukwu Ubah MD said...

Thank you CDI. I wish you the same

Dauda Aliu said...

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Anthonia Eghaghe said...

Happy holidays Chidinma.and you too

Anonymous said...

Same to you and family 😆😆😆

Paul Oyegbenga said...

Merry Christmas and a glorious new year in advance to you all. Thanks for the wishes.

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