Friday, 19 August 2016

Friday Inspirations: MY FAILURES By Mimi Ikonn


Today's Friday Inspirations is a video from a Mimi Ikonn. This is a very powerful video, I was greatly inspired and thought I should share this video with you too. I would love everyone to take out their time to watch this. 

Mimi Ikonn is a Vlogger who owns multi-millionaire businesses with her husband. ''If you have failed on anything in life, it means you were privileged and courageous enough to try something'' (Mimi Ikonn). 

Many a times, we think life is a bed of roses for many till they tell us their stories. Everyone has had their own share of failures but only a few stories are heard by manyI hope as you watch this video you get greatly inspired. ENJOY!
N.B- Because you failed at something in life doesn't make you a failure. Please stop seeing yourself as one.

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  1. So many successful people have failed more than once or twice


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