Thursday, 9 April 2015

The 18 Days Challenge: Say NO To Anger!

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The announcement for our next challenge is long over due. Our last challenge was a success (please find that here >>>  in case you missed it), we bless God.

This challenge is all about us trying to discipline our emotions for the next 18 days. We come in contact with different people our place of work, at the mall, at the market, with our clients or customers etc. Everyone can't behave or act the way we want them to behave or act. Everyone can't speak the way we want them to speak to us. This is because everyone is different.

Sometimes we get so forced to react when people get on our nerves but this challenge is to discipline us to find the will to say NO to anger.
99% of the time, when we react as a result of anger, we are not thinking and the aftermath is always ugly making us wish we could turn back the hands of time and acted differently.

The challenge will kick of on the
13th of April by God's grace and end on the 30th of April (18 days). Everyday for 18 days we will together and share how our day went, if we conquered that day's challenge or not.

As usual, a banner will be placed on the left hand side of this blog for 18 days to keep us all motivated. So whenever you are feeling demotivated about this challenge or you have the urge to give up, you can just click on the banner, read this post again to be motivated.


Please do invite your friends and loved one to join us in this challenge.

Be Inspired.

Yours Truly,

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Paul Oyegbenga said...

Hmmm, this won't be hard for me at all, I hardly get angry tho.

Anger spoils things faster than wildfire, so it's a major problem one must steer clear of.

Chidinma Inspirations said...

That's great to hear dear and you are more than right, anger spoils things.

This challenge will be a fun one. See you on the 13th *Smiles*