Thursday, 16 April 2015

Day 3 & 4 Of The 18 Days Challenge Of Say NO To Anger!

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Hello Beautiful People!
Welcome to the fourth day of the 18 Days Challenge Of Say NO To Anger! This is what the challenge is all about >>> 

So beautiful people, how did your Day 3 and 4 go? Were you concious of today's challenge? Please do share with us how your today's challenge went.

My Day 3 and 4 went well just that someone tried to piss me off  in both days but I am grateful that I didn't get angry. The thing though is that, I can be angry for 1 minute and the next minute I have forgotten why I even got angry (grateful for that). 
Looking forward to tomorrow''s challenge.

So beautiful people, please do share with us, how your today's challenge went.

P.S- Please do feel free to join us if you haven't and also invite your friends and loved ones along. You all are more than welcome to join us.

Be Inspired 

Yours Truly,

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Anonymous said...

Really didnt get angry today ....infact GOD has changed me :D (gracious)

Anonymous said...

Anger isnt my thing anymore.....(gracious)

Chidinma Inspirations said...

Great to hear dear. Do keep it up.