Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Winners Of Birthday Giveaway!

Yaay! This blog is a year old today but it will officially be a year old tomorrow (when her first post was published here >>>  ). 
It has been an awesome journey! All glory be given to the Almighty God. 

We made mention here >>>  that the winners of birthday giveaway will be announced today and  prizes will be sent out tomorrow by the grace of God.

So here are the winners of birthday giveaway:
-The first prize which is N3000 airtime will be given to this blog's consistent commenter for the past one year and the winner goes to Anthonia Eghaghe

- The second prize which is 
N2000 airtime will be given to the first person who correctly says the date my blog's address was changed from to and the winner goes to Paul Oyegbenga 
I officially announced the change of my blog's address on the 10th of October 2014. Please do find that here >>> 

- The third prize which is N1500 airtime will be given to the first person who says correctly the date our BOOK REVIEW forum officially kicked off and the winner goes to Paul Oyegbenga
The BOOK REVIEW forum was introduced on the 17th of  January 2015 here >>>  but officially kicked off on the 22nd of January 2015 here >>>   with the BOOK REVIEW of The Princess by Lori Wick

- The fourth prize which is N1000 airtime will be given to the first person who says correctly the date our In House Round Table Talk forum officially kicked off, unfortunately, no one got the answer right. 
The popular answer was Should A Girl Keep Her Virginity Before Marriage Or Not? Let's Talk (please do find the post on that here >>> ). However, this was an inspirational post. 
It was after the post was published that a post needing your opinion was published here >>>  that should we turn this into a forum? And suggestions of what we should call this forum was requested. 
Later on, a post thanking you for your response here >>>  was much appreciated. Our dear Anthonia Eghaghe suggested that we should call it In House Round Table but we finally concluded that it will be called In House Round Table Talk  

So our In House Round Table Talk officially kicked in on the 23rd of December 2014 with the topic: Does Saying ''I Love You'' Genuinely Mean True Love? Let's Talk

- The fifth prize which is N750 airtime will be given to the first person who says the person that wrote the first Friday Inspirations for the month of March 2015 and the winner goes to Dauda Aliu. As at the time the questions were asked, no Friday Inspirations for the month of March has been published. 


The winners should please kindly write the network of their choice together with their email address at the comment section. 


Yours Truly,


  1. Happy birthday to you... Chidinmainspirations, may the good Lord that has kept you thus far lift you up, bless the works of your hand, gives you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding to function above your peers, may you be blessed beyond measures.

    For the fact that you inspire us with your blog, and without us giving you nothing in return you decide to keep putting smiles on the face of your visitors, the blessings of God will never cease from your life and may you never lack any good thing in life. God will prosper the works of your hands. Happy birthday to our darling blog..

    For my first win with 2000 Airtime I will love to have it given as glo network

    And my 2nd win of 1500 Airtime I will love that as MTN. Thanks

    My email still remains :-

    May God bless you beyond measures.

  2. Where is Anthonia and Dauda Aliu? I have missed you guys please come back soon.

    Chidinmainspirations missed you and your lovely comments.

    1. Have been around o,but not too strong.its well sha.hope you good?miss you too o my blog.

    2. Eyah, sorry about your health. Please get well soon

    3. Dear Anthonia, I know you will be much better in know time. Do take care of you dearie

  3. Am short of what to say.saying thank you can never be enough for putting smiles on the faces of your blog visitor chidinma.May God almighty that you serve continually bless and enrich you more in all areas of your life.Amen.thank you for blessing me again.thank you so much.

  4. Thanks Chidinma for the gift and going out of your way to contact me. I'm grateful


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