Monday, 2 February 2015

Day 2 Of The 28 Days Challenge Of Say NO To Fizzy Drinks, YES To Water!

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Hello Beautiful People!

We officially started our 28 Days Challenge here >>>   and so far it's been great. 

So beautiful people, how was your Day 2? Did you conquer today's challenge? Were you tempted to take fizzy drinks today?

Please kindly share your experience with us.

I conquered my Day 2 challenge.  *Dancing*  
Was I tempted? Not really but the thought did cross my mind. But I said NO to fizzy drinks, YES to water! Lol

So my dear people, please kindly share your Day 2 experience with us.

Please kindly invite your friends to join us in this challenge and together, we will inspire one another. 

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy.

Yours Truly,

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Dauda Aliu said...

Hey. Let me even get this right. What is fizzy? Which drinks are considered Fizzy????

anthonia eghaghe said...

As far i know,am the winner of this day was cool,WATER All the

Paul Oyegbenga said...

Still sticking with my waters... Nice move I guess... Well it's just two days anyways

Paul Oyegbenga said...

I think Fizzy in this context means all this sugary drinks or alcohol that doesn't or had just little to our health. Fresh fruit juices are not part of the Fizzy drinks here but all this other drinks that does so well in increasing our sugar level or causing damages to our organs most especially the liver cells....

I stand to be corrected tho.. This is just a personal explanation

Chidinma Inspirations said...

Lol. You know that we till have many more days to go right?
Keep it up dear!

Chidinma Inspirations said...

You really never can tell. Don't underestimate yourself.
Keep it up dear!

Chidinma Inspirations said...

According to The Free Dictionary, fizzy drinks are refreshments made from carbonated water, ice cream, and usually a flavoring.

Dear Dauda like Paul rightly said, fizzy drinks are drinks I believe with sugary contents or sweetener in them.

Dauda Aliu said...

Thanks for the lecture guys.
Paul, we go give you class for Unilag oo. Hehehe