Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Health Benefits Of Taking Lime


Lime is a small orange like fruit. It has this sour bitter taste however this fruit is small but extremely powerful. Many run away from this fruit because of its sour bitter taste. However, if many like me knew the benefits of taking this fruit called lime often, they will take it more.

Lime many atimes can be used as an alternative for green tea. When you run out of green tea, you can go ahead and take lime and enjoy the same benefits of green tea.
Here is the health benefits of taking green tea >>>  and below are the health benefits of taking lime. When you compare them, you will realise that they have some similar health benefits.

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Health Benefits Of Taking Lime

- Did you know that Lime serves as a great remedy for urinary infections?

- Did you know that the regular intake of  lime prevents you from having Gout?

- The regular intake of Lime protects your skin from all manner of infections. It keeps your skin glowing all day. The more you take Lime, the more you kiss body odour goodbye.

- Did you actually know that Lime cures dandruff, bruises and skin rashes?

- Lime serves as a great remedy for scurvy- this is caused as a result of lack of Vitamin C in the body. The symptoms are swollen gums, tongue and mouth ulcer, lip corners and cracked lips. The many Vitamins in this small me symptoms of this but mighty fruit serves as a great remedy for scurvy.

- Did you also know that you can enjoy the luxury of a refreshing bathe by using lime to have your bath?

- Lime also helps lower one's blood pressure. That is, the more Lime one takes, the lower one's risk of having hypertension/high blood pressure.

- Lime serves as a great remedy for constipation. You can kiss constipation goodbye by taking Lime.

- Did you know that the more Lime you take, the more you reduce your chances of having piles?

- Lime is a fruit that helps in maintaining the blood sugar of diabetic patients. That is, Lime is one of the best fruits diabetic patients can take.

- Did you know that Lime serves as a great remedy for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

- Do you want a brighter eye sight? Then take Lime regularly. Do you want to always protect your eyes from infections? Then take Lime regularly.

- Did you know that the more Lime you take, the more you kiss fats goodbye?

Anytime you are tired of taking the fruit, you can make yourself a chilled glass of Lime juice,. Great idea right?


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anthonia eghaghe said...

That sour taste thou.great benefits i must say.

adeboye adeoye said...

wow so lime has all this benefit??? Lime things on point lol...but the taste....

charles said...

nice tips , seems like a good blog to follow

Paul Oyegbenga said...

Ok team lime juice..... glad to know all the benefits with taking lime.... Nice post.

Chidinma Inspirations said...

I am glad you were inspired.

Chidinma Inspirations said...

Thank you Charles. I hope you do and together we will inspire one another.

Chidinma Inspirations said...

Yes dear the taste scares people away. But with these great benefits, I guess it is time we over looked it's taste & start taking it

Chidinma Inspirations said...

Great benefits indeed. I guess we have to overlook the taste & start taking it more often

Ann Chetachukwu Ubah MD said...


Chidinma Inspirations said...

Thank you dear. I do appreciate it.
I hope you will start taking more lime (s) like your uncle.