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How To Get Rid Of Post Pregnancy Tummy


As women, we all know that having belly (big tummy or stomach) is far different from have having post pregnancy tummy. Because in pregnancy, your stomach stretches far more than you can imagine to carry your baby/babies. And one thing about women is that, we get really scared and sometimes in-secured after giving birth. If we will ever look young, youthful and beautiful again.

As a young girl, this has always being one of my fears. That is, how to get rid of my post pregnancy belly after having my children when the time comes. Because to be honest, the kind of exercise you will do for a big tummy is different from the kind of exercise you will do for a post pregnancy belly. That is, the exercises you will do are far more intense than normal.

So, me being the girl who loves researching, I took it upon myself to research on how to really get rid of post pregnancy tummy in the most healthy way possible.
Two things caught my interest , which I will be sharing with you below:

1) Waist trainers
2) Exercises

Waist Trainers-

The above pictures are called waist trainers.

How does a waist trainer work?
Just wear a waist trainer all through the day or for some hours during the day. Most people however, wear it when they are sleeping or at night. It all depends on the individual.

- Waist trainers helps give you that youthful body you have ALWAYS wanted and dreamed of.
- It gets rid of your post pregnancy tummy in weeks. Like, you will even be beyond shocked that this is your tummy after giving birth. People around you will also be shocked of the outcome.
- It also doesn't just give you a flat tummy it also helps sharpens your waist.
- Waist trainers is the fastest way of having a flat tummy and gergoeous body without plastic surgery.

Below are pictures of some of women coupled with the woman pictured above whose bodies can testify to what waist trainers does.

I hope you can see for yourself the amazing things a waist trainer can do.

A waist trainer shifts and shrinks your organs. 
A waist trainer compresses your stomach. 
A waist trainer shifts/ moves the fats in your tummy from your stomach to other parts of your body that you might not really like. 

2) Exercises

- Exercises makes your skin glow.
- It keeps you feeling and looking healthy.
- It makes your stronger.
- It increases your metabolism. 
- It tones the fats not just in your tummy alone but every part of your body.
- ... and the list goes on and on. You can find more information here >>>   A breakdown of the importance of exercising.  

It causes body pains which is a symptom that the exercise you are doing is working. 

P.S- Please don't forget, in order for you to see results in terms of exercising, you need to eat healthy. 
Here >>> is a post on the misconceptions about weight loss or being fit

Now after you have read the above, which option will be go for? Waist trainers or exercises? 
I leave you to answer.

I hope you were inspired by this post. Please kindly hsare this post with others to inspire them as well.

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy.

Yours Truly,

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